Hi! I’m Kyla, the owner of kids + corduroy and a mom-of-one, living in Toronto, Canada. Welcome to my online store for vintage, preloved and handmade apparel for kids.

Why I started kids + corduroy

I started kids + corduroy as a way to share my love and appreciation for vintage children’s clothing with other like-minded parents who are looking for practical, high-quality and timeless pieces for their kids and a more sustainable alternative to fast fashion.

After I had my daughter in 2016, I realized how quickly kids grow out of their clothes and I was often disappointed with the quality of today’s fast-fashion options. I wanted better for my daughter so I started buying second-hand, not only as a way to save money and source higher-quality pieces, but also as a way to reduce my family’s environmental footprint.

Why I avoid fast fashion

Our society’s obsession with cheap, trendy clothing comes at a cost to our environment.

When clothing is made only to be worn a few times, it means that these pieces rip, tear and lose their shape easily. As a result, 85% of all textiles end up in landfill every year and the equivalent of one garbage truck full of clothes is burned or dumped in a landfill every second. And because modern clothing is often made of synthetic fibres (e.g., polyester), these items don’t break down nearly as quickly or as easily as natural fibres (e.g., cotton).

The fashion industry is also a major contributor to global carbon emissions and climate change. In fact, the fashion industry produces upwards of 10% of all humanity's carbon emissions.

Avoiding fast fashion and buying vintage/second hand was an easy choice for me to help reduce my environmental impact.

Why I love vintage

You can literally feel the difference in quality when it comes to vintage clothing – the fabric is thicker and the stitching is stronger. These items are made to last and are therefore less likely to end up in landfills because of a rip.

Plus, the attention to detail goes above and beyond when you buy vintage – from engraved buttons to embroidered patterns and extra lining – these details are far too often overlooked in the fast-fashion industry, but that add extra comfort and character to your kid’s wardrobe.

Finally, I especially enjoy sourcing pieces that are made in Canada and the USA. Instead of being made in foreign countries (often by workers who aren’t paid a living wage) and then shipped half-way across the planet, I feel good knowing that these items were made close to home.

Why should you buy from kids + corduroy?

Ultimately, you can be confident that when you purchase clothing from kids + corduroy, you’re not only saving textiles from landfills and supporting a small, mom-owned business, but that your kids will be able to run, play, dig and jump in comfort and style.

Our pieces are special hand-me-downs that will stand the test of time and that I hope will remain in your family for years to come.

I encourage you to browse the shop and feel free to leave a comment to let me know what you think!